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We provide various branches of astrology, including horoscope reading, horoscope matching, Palmistry, numerology etc in Mangalore


We are love vashikaran specialist in Mangalore We can help your marriage. Problems like a long-distance relationship, third-party Problems in marriage.

Marriage issues

We can solve all Marriage issues , We can help your marriage. Problems in marriage.


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Love Problem Solution

If you have any love problem we can solve your issue, we are experts in tantric ritules to get your love back.

Education Problem

If your children is suffering from memory loss and lack of concentration, we can help you solve the problem.


Through reading your hand we can tell about your past, present and future so that you can learn and correct your future problems.

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Divorce is in rise now a days and we can face muliple problems in this area, we are experts in solving these Divorce issues. 

Business Problem

Business issue can be related to multiple problems like Kundali dosha, evil eye etc we can remove these and clear your path.

Job issues

Business issue can be related to multiple problems like Kundali dosha, evil eye etc we can remove these and clear your path.

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Unemployment is a major problem we are facing in recent times and lot of competitor for jobs and  promotion problem, we can solve all your job problems


If you have built a  new house or office or have a old house or office you need good vastu for peace of mind and prosperity, We provide Vastu services in Mangalore.

Foreign travel

According to kundali dosha lots of people are not able to do foreign tour. We remove any  blockage in this areas and solve your problem.

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Enemies Problem

Enemies are everywhere in this age, we have this problem very regularly. We will solve these problem.

Relative Problems

If you have family issues and it is becoming a problem in your life , please visit or call us we will solve your problem.

Financial Problems

Financial problems can destroy your peace of mind, it can be caused due to multiple reasons we will check the root cause and solve it.

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